Lawn and property Maintenance on Cape Cod.

Lawn Maintenance on Cape Cod Massachusetts 


 Lawn Mowing

Mowing / Clear Leaves off the Lawn

Edging the Lawn

Dethatching the Lawn

Aerating the Lawn

Soil sample test for the Lawn

Fertilize the Lawn

Lime Application for the Lawn

Over Seeding the Lawn

Weed and Pest Control for the Lawn

Other lawn maintenance needs for the Lawn


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Property Maintenance on Cape Cod Massachusetts


Spring clean up – (Economy or Professional)Gutter cleaning

Check the property after storms

Storm clean up

Weed & pest control

Fertilize bushes, plants, shrubs

Prune, trim bushes, plants, shrubs

Fall clean up – (Economy or Professional)


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Irrigation Maintenance on Cape Cod Massachusetts


Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation system repair and system checks

Irrigation Turn on/off


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Installations and Renovations on Cape Cod Massachusetts


Annual flowers

Garden and fish ponds

Gravel & Shell

Lawn & Garden edging

Leaf and debris removal

Mulch Installation

Patio Installation

Plantings – shrubs, bushes, small trees

Retaining walls

Stump grinding

Tree cut down

Tree – cut up and removal



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